Promotional video for Good Nerd Bad Nerd Games

Written and directed by 

L. Stephanie Tait

Coming Soon!

Shooting Stars

Co-written, directed, produced and starring Brian Carroll and 

L. Stephanie Tait

Coming Soon!

A J0K is Born

Starring Nadia Vazquez and Jordana Capra

Written and directed by L. Stephanie Tait

Back in 2014 I dreamt of being on another planet... specifically Mars. 

Written and performed by L. Stephanie Tait

Directed by Brian Carroll

Episode 2 of the web series Awkward Ali, created by Emme Geissel.

Co written by Emme Geissel and L. Stephanie Tait

Directed by L. Stephanie Tait

Also directed/produced episodes 5 & 6

A short comedy film that finds a woman at her breaking point and the friendship she finds in her darkest hour

Starring Nadia Vazquez

Directed and produced by L. Stephanie Tait

Story by L. Stephanie Tait

Co-written by L. Stephanie Tait and Nadia Vazquez

A journey through musical-time

Produced and costumed by L. Stephanie Tait

Third installation in the Count du Flambe Film Trilogy

All three films created, directed, written, produced by  L. Stephanie Tait and available on YouTube

Episode 5, season 2 of Hotline the web series 

Co-created and co-written  by Camille Licate and L. Stephanie Tait for both seasons 1 & 2

A Pandemic Quarantine Halloween remake of Volcano Man from the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Co-directed, produced, and performed by Brian Carroll and 

L. Stephanie Tait

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